It’s been over two months since I released the Little ASP.NET Core Book, and I’ve been blown away by the response!

“This looks great. I’ve been learning ASP.NET Core with scattered resources around the web, and your book seems to explain everything in a simple way.” - aesthetics1 on HackerNews

I’ve been excited to see people downloading and tweeting about the book, but I’m even more excited to see people forking the content, adding suggestions, and translating it to other languages.

Reading in your own language

A few fantastic polyglot programmers have started translating the Little ASP.NET Core Book to other (spoken) languages.

Sahin was the first to finish with a Turkish translation, ASP.NET Core El Kitabı. Translations to Spanish and German are in the works!

Little updates

The Little ASP.NET Core Book is still a work-in-progress. There have been three minor updates since the initial launch, all focused on fixing typos and adding small clarifications or suggestions sent in by readers.

I’m tracking bugs and suggestions on GitHub and am happy to accept pull requests.

The latest version of the book is always available from this site, or the short URL

Looking ahead

So far, the updates have been minor. I’m gathering feedback for a 1.1 release of the book, where I plan to improve a couple of areas:

  • Rewriting the More features chapter to fully use MVC instead of jQuery
  • More complete explanation of publishing to Docker
  • A discussion of adding HTTPS to the production site

If you have suggestions of what you’d like to see, feel free to add them on GitHub or in the comments below!