is a hilarious parody of software-as-a-service offerings that provides All Caps as a Service. If you aren’t happy with the uppercasing function built into your language of choice, you can make an (absolutely spurious) HTTP request to API.SHOUTCLOUD.IO/V1/SHOUT and get back a shoutier version of any string.

Shoutcloud proudly states that they have libraries for “leading webscale platforms” like Node, Ruby, and Go. Sadly, they seem to have left out the .NET stack. What’s a responsible .NET developer to do?

Have no fear: Shoutcloud.NET is here. If you aren’t happy with string.ToUpper(), and want to do things over HTTP for no reason, this library is for you!

Install it via the Package Manager GUI, or the console:

PM> install-package Shoutcloud.NET

Then, make HTTP requests to get uppercased strings thousands of times slower than native code:

Of course, there’s full compatibility with the TPL: UPCASE returns an awaitable Task, and takes an optional CancellationToken parameter. (You may be shouting, but you’re not a barbarian!)

The library is compatible with these platforms:

  • .NET framework 4.5.1 and higher
  • DNX (full) 4.5.1 and higher
  • DNX (CoreCLR, dotnet) 5.4 and higher

The source code is on Github. Happy shouting!